A retraction of sorts

Mary Mycio via Neil Gaiman:

I am based in Kyiv and writing a book about Chornobyl for the Joseph Henry Press. Several sources have sent me links to the “Ghost Town” photo essay included in the last e-POSHTA mailing. Though it was full of factual errors, I did find the notion of lone young woman riding her motorcycle through the evacuated Zone of Alienation to be intriguing and asked about it when I visited there two days ago. Continue reading A retraction of sorts

Pictures from abandoned Chernobyl region

GHOST TOWN – Chernobyl Pictures:
This fascinating site describes the author’s journeys by motorbike through the deserted regions surrounding the Chernobyl nuclear plant that famously blew up in 1986. The pictures are haunting beyond measure, and the author’s commentary is lucid, if not always grammatically perfect! Continue reading Pictures from abandoned Chernobyl region

George Dyson on the future of books

George Dyson:

The bound universe has been divided, in recent discussions over the digitization of books, into works in the public domain on one side, works under active copyright on the other, and a vast sea of inactive titles drifting in between. For those who dream of a Universal Library, however, any such classification is deficient, because it neglects the most important sector of the literary universe – books that have not been written yet. Continue reading George Dyson on the future of books

CD Review: ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero

The ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero is a real blast-from-the-past. If one pays a lot of attention to the music media today, one could be forgiven for thinking that the term ‘punk’ covers a multitude of different sounds and styles. And to be fair, this is very true, but has as much to do with marketing as linear evolution in art. Continue reading CD Review: ‘Lightstar EP’ by Hetero

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