Book Review: ‘War Surf’ by M. M. Buckner

M. M. Buckner is one of the new bright hopes of US SF. ‘War Surf’ is her third novel, and examines a future Earth where capitalism has reached its most extreme possible outcome. Economic and environmental disaster has created an Orwellian world of ‘protes’ and executives, the classic worker-aristo schism. Continue reading Book Review: ‘War Surf’ by M. M. Buckner

UK Robotwars definitely for pussies

ComBots – Combat Robots, the largest fighting robot show in the world.

If any UK readers were ever disappointed by Robot Wars (for me personally, Craig Charles was a travesty, especially after the Red Dwarf years, but Phillipa Forrester…hell yeah, no complaints), here is the real deal. The weapons are far more hard core, there’s much less nampy-pamby restriction of brutality. Damn those Yanks, they always have to go one better… 😉

No girlfriend? No problem!

Realdoll, The World’s finest Love Doll

At last, an answer for the aesthetically challenged, or simply those of us with low people-skills. Can’t get a real girlfriend? How about a life-size fully-realistic love-puppet? They even do a manga one with big eyes and even bigger breasts! A long step above the ‘Inflatable Ingrids’ that other people (cough) have told me they have seen for sale in the back of certain ‘lifestyle’ magazines…definitely *not* a work-friendly site, BTW.

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