Sony jump on the spyware bandwagon

Sony, Rootkits and Digital Rights Management Gone Too Far:

The entire experience was frustrating and irritating. Not only had Sony put software on my system that uses techniques commonly used by malware to mask its presence, the software is poorly written and provides no means for uninstall. Worse, most users that stumble across the cloaked files with a RKR scan will cripple their computer if they attempt the obvious step of deleting the cloaked files. Continue reading Sony jump on the spyware bandwagon

Stop press…post-apocalypse rolling stock

From the website of Witham Specialist Vehicles:

A high proportion of surplus MoD vehicles are exported by ourselves, fully supported by a vast inventory of spare parts and service items.
Vehicles and plant can be purchased from us ‘as is’ or fully reconditioned and prepared to customers requirements. Our fully trained staff are able to undertake all aspects of work on all types of vehicles and plant we sell, in our modern fully equipped workshops.
Whatever your requirement for MoD vehicles is, Witham SV can provide you with a cost effective, dependable solution, on time and on budget.

And here’s where I can get some vehicles for my post-apocalypse fantasy scenarios, to go with my bunker colony. (Mental note…stop reading military SF late at night.) No bloody hovercraft, though. I want a hovercraft.

This link courtesy of my good mate Crusty Paul…he makes musical instruments out of old electronic kids toys and sells them to musicians with more money than sense, check his website here: Circuitbenders

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