PC in female human torso

Like any hobby, computer building is probably the sort of thing that can drive a wedge between a couple, unless the modding geek is partnered with another computer obsessive. So, how could you convince your partner that you are still interested in them at the same time as indulging your computer-construction lust? Maybe you could imitate this gentleman, who decided to build his latest water-cooled overclocked mega-machine into a plastic cast of his wife’s torso:

Blair Witch human torso PC mod

Not only is this a very skilled and detailed piece of work from the purely engineering perspective, but it’s also a fascinating example of modern art and technology fused into one. Furthermore, it’s a touching (if slightly bizarre) example of a man showing his love for his wife in a way that means something to him. Though I have to say, if his wife has a body like that I’m surprised he can keep his mind on building computers of an evening…

Link replicated from BoingBoing.

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