Pimp your library!

So, guess who finally has *actual* wall-shelves for all his books now, then? That’s right …

Bedroom library shelves

… I have! But that’s not all of them:

Front room library shelves

(Apologies for the photo quality – the N80 doesn’t deal well with diffused indoor lighting, no matter what settings I put it on.)

There’s a little more work to be done yet, but that’s almost my entire personal library now off my floors and seats and surfaces and onto proper shelves. All I have to do now is sort them by author (fiction) and topic (non-fiction) – which should kill a day or two when I finally have one spare.

I feel a meme coming on – I’m pretty sure most of my regular visitors are readers, so lets share the love. I’m willing to bet some of the editor/author/book industry types can easily trounce my collection in terms of size, so let’s see the proof! Take pictures of your own home library and link or trackback to this post – let’s see who the true don of the book lovers in this section of the blogosphere really is.

Expecting a serious post this morning? Well, as you can see, I’ve been a busy person. If you’ve a serious hunger for intellectual input of a Monday morning, though, you could do far worse than check out Jamais Cascio’s excellent and thought-provoking essay over at Futurismic. Otherwise, I expect library pictures when I get home from work. No excuses!

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