Pretty pictures, not by me

I seem to have a bunch of images I want to share, so I figure I’ll do a batch post. Let’s start here:

Peter Callesen

That’s a piece of art by some chap called Peter Callesen, who does a lot of projects involving clever things with simple sheets of paper. More of his work, and more in the same vein by other artists, can be seen on a rather good post over at Thrilling Wonder Story. Go lookee.

It seems to be ‘link to folk who do art with paper and/or books in clever ways’ week, because Metafilter had a little gem that highlighted a few other artists doing this type of work. Click on through to see them all, because some of the sites linked are flash but still worth seeing, and I can’t deny MeFi the traffic. But I will share this one:

The Quiet American

That’s ‘The Quiet American’ by Su Blackwell. I hate to see books damaged carelessly, but this sort of artwork is forgivable, IMHO.

Now, at the risk of getting a little political (and because a picture of Dubya blubbing like a subnormal little lackey is unlikely to see the light of day), I took great schadenfreude at this picture which was brought to my attention by Sir Warren of Ellis:

Chew, then swallow, weasel-boy.

Bummer, Rumsfeld. Sucks to be you. Not a moment too soon, either.

In fact, you might almost go so far as to say that the Republicans had been …


That little doozy is from a Flickr set linked to by BoingBoing, featuring a selection of intarweb buzzwords/1337isms turned into cartoon icons. Of course, my favourite has always been:


If you have no idea what the hell O RLY? is all about, you should probably pat yourself on the back for not finding the image macros of dysfunctional teenagers hilarious. If you *are* a sucker for silly intarweb humour, maybe you should check out the history of one of the most ridiculous images to ever stalk the tubes …

The original O RLY owl


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