Productivity versus procrastination

Now, don’t misunderstand me, I love a bit of time off work. Hell, I’d like a whole lot more of it. But free time brings its own dilemmas, as illustrated below:

Too Much Coffee Man by Shannon Wheeler

(This cartoon ©Shannon Wheeler; click through on image for original location.)

I meant to be soooo productive over the holiday period, I really did. Suffice to say I didn’t really get very much done at all – in truth, I read an awful lot of webcomic archives, which makes the above item all the more humorously ironic from my personal perspective. Still, no loss; I guess I needed a rest.

Shannon Wheeler’s work is well worth checking out, by the way – he’s got a darkly cynical humour that suits our times quite well, IMHO. He seems to have drifted away from the Too Much Coffee Man character recently, but he’s still knocking out great work. Why not go look, then subscribe to the RSS feed? We all need some funny in our daily intarwebbage, I reckon.

Hope you all had a good holiday yourselves!

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