Project complete:

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m pleased to announce the launch of a completed project, namely the new website of fantasy author Alex Bell.

Alex Bell website screenshot

Alex seems very pleased with it, and so am I – it’s definitely the ‘prettiest’ site I’ve built yet (for values of ‘pretty’ where x = ‘kinda moody in a feminine mode’), which was partly due to having the fabulous Kustaa Saksi artwork to work from for the colour scheme.

Go take a look; all feedback is appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Project complete:”

  1. Great work, Paul. A couple of bits of feedback:

    The footer lines are a bit cramped. I would recommend increasing the line height a bit.

    The None Found part in the Recent Comments sidebar should probably not be styled in the same header style.

    I really like the watermark on the page body. Almost didn’t notice it, which is the best kind.

    I recommend including her latest book on the front page as a floated image, maybe with a subheader. The front page is good, but it lacks a clear call to action. Additionally, your header is gorgeous, and you have it in the title tag, but you probably wouldn’t hurt to put “fantasy author” in the masthead as well. At a glance, skimming, I can’t tell what the website is for. Knowing as we do that people don’t read websites (even readers of books), having the identity a little more clear would not hurt in my opinion.

    I’m bad about this too because I use Firefox, but– perhaps include an RSS subscribe button somewhere in the sidebar on the blog pages.

    On the contact form, I recommend using a WordPress plugin for that, so you can drop the “script by” tag line. Looks better when you don’t have to reference other people’s work.

    Typography here is top notch. Great work.

    I might suggest removing the notice that the site is done with WordPress. Malicious hackers search for sites that claim that and try to hack them and turn them into spam farms. I’d remove the meta tag that indicates it as such as well.

    That’s it. This is definitely my favorite of yours yet. Keep it up.

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