Real movement in virtual realities

If you wanted to play a first-person-shooter in VR, you’d need a damn big room and some lengthy cables, right? Well, not any more, thanks to a new device called the VirtuSphere.

VirtuSphere VR ball

The big sphere with the person inside moves in response to the motion of the ‘player’, and the virtual environment he is experiencing. He can walk, run, crawl…and all in a small space. No need for a huge empty floor the same size as the simulation.

Unsurprisingly, the US military has leapt on this as an ideal training device. But it has a much bigger potential (not to mention market) in the entertainment and games industry. I’d put good money on seeing these things popping up in arcades pretty soon…it would totally revolutionise first-person-shooter games by providing an experience that your home console couldn’t touch. And what about plugging it in to all that Mars landscape data they’ve collected? Laser tag on Mars…I’d pay for that for sure.

Link simulated at DefenseTech.

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