Roll call!

You can’t hide, you know, I can see you in my stats. So come on, indulge me. I put a few hours a day into this here blog, and I’d like to know who those mysterious statistics are coming from. So make my week, drop me a comment, let me know who you are and why you read VCTB. If nothing else, it’ll give me a better idea of what people keep coming back for, which means I can try to find more of it. See? It’s in your own best interests. Plus it’ll boost my fragile ego a little bit, and you can’t begrudge a guy that, surely?

Comments field is below (click on ‘leave a response’); it won’t take you two minutes to create a user name and leave me a little message (though they won’t appear until I get home and moderate them, of course). Go on, be nice. Say hello. I won’t bite. 😉 Hell, if you leave me your own URL, I’ll link you back in the blogroll of doom to your right. What more could you possibly ask for?

Edit: no need for registration any more, just click on through and post! (Thanks for the tip, Jesse!)

One thought on “Roll call!”

  1. I am James, I come from Portsmouth. I read your blog because there is the odd “cool” thing (like that Mountain Dew PC case!) that catches my eye, or the odd interesting thing that one never knew, and would probably never know unless I found it here. I don’t read everything, but just a quick browse every day or two suffices my hunger for information.

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