Rucker vs. Sterling – collaborative science fiction short story

Oh, man. Regular readers will be well aware that Bruce Sterling and Rudy Rucker are two of my favourite authors. So you can probably imagine the vigorous flailing of arms and jubilant cry of “wh00t!” that occured when I found out they’ve done another collaboration short.

It’s called Hormiga Canyon, it’s in the new issue of Asimovs, and the good people there have put up a hefty chunk of it as a teaser. And guess what? It works – I’m not waiting for that story to appear in an anthology, I want to read it real soon.

So I guess I’m going to practice what I’ve been preaching and buy my first electronic version of a science fiction magazine. I’d consider subbing, if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t have enough reading time as it is* …


[* You know, even I’m starting to get sick of me saying this. I think that means it’s time to stop.]

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