Serendipity and stories

I read a lot of author blogs, in the hope that I’ll absorb something useful. Whether I have or not remains to be seen! But one thing I have heard mentioned a number of times is that sometimes, in a bizarre and synchronous way, you’ll hear or read about something that almost seems designed to be dropped into whatever you’re working on at the moment.

Today, that happened to me, when I saw William Gillis had linked to a story about … well, they’re rent-a-mobs. Literally. You pay them, they’ll go out and wave placards and chant anything you want for however many hours you’ve ponied up for:

“ stresses that no protester needs to offer their services to a cause they object to, and therefore many may genuinely believe in the protest they are joining.”

That’s just plain weird, like something Douglas Adams might have thought up. It also fits right into my story, which I’m still struggling to finish:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,094 / 7,500

At least I’m over halfway through! I’m coming to understand the ‘finish what you start’ thing, now. I’m at a point where I know that the actual writing I’ve laid down so far is terrible, and the plot needs serious structural work. But I’ve also realised that if I go back and try to fix it now, I’ll keep finding excuses not to get to the end … ugh. This is the start of that learning curve they talk about, I guess.

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