Sf people are awesome people

Much as the outside world may mock us, the sf community is a strong community. I’ve only entered the realm of involved fandom over the last couple of years, but have been continually amazed at how open, friendly and inclusive other fans have been toward me.

Point in case; after Niall talked about the recent BBC Four programs on British sf, I lamented my lack of a television (for the first time in over seven years). A fine gentleman by the name of Martin McGrath, who (as far as I know) I have never met in person, kindly volunteered to record all the programs, burn them to discs and mail them to me. Furthermore, he stubbornly refused to accept any offers of payment for doing so. The discs arrived in the mail yesterday, with a slew of extra material in addition to the programs mentioned. As a life-long cynic, it’s a pleasure to occasionally have your faith in human nature boosted.

Mr. McGrath, and all sf fans worldwide: I salute you. I’m proud to be part of the posse.

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