Show the world your stack

In case you didn’t catch it on BoingBoing earlier, someone has started a Flickr group specifically for showing off your ‘to be read’ stack of books:


Books I want to read


Originally uploaded by The Shmoopies.

I think I’ll be obliged to share, as soon as I can get all the relevant books into one place. I imagine Niall (and many others) will struggle to find a camera with a lens that can encompass the their whole stack, though … this reminds me of the brief flurry of fun we had with the sorted spine titles game.

4 thoughts on “Show the world your stack”

  1. I cackle at your miserable stack…..

    My tidying this evening involved filling a crate, and then looking around in vain for another crate. And these are the books I *want* to read, not the books I *ought* to read.

  2. That’s not my stack! Though I’d not be surprised to know that yours is of prodigious proportions. But hey, size isn’t everything – that’s what all my ex-girlfriends have told me, anyway.

  3. Do two bookcases count? Chris and I kind of have an amalgamated stack. We both want to read most of the books in the two cases…

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