Smoke and Mirrors…the real reason the US are setting Iran up for a fall

They want nukes, y’know. That’s what we keep being told, despite protestations from a nation in no position to lie, thanks to the might of the West breathing down their necks. But there is no decent evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program at all…possibly because no one has gotten round to planting or falsifying any yet.

Bush has no intention of occupying Iran. Rather, the goal is to destroy major weapons-sites, destabilize the regime, and occupy a sliver of land on the Iraqi border that contains 90% of Iran’s oil wealth. Ultimately, Washington will aim to replace the Mullahs with American-friendly clients who can police their own people and fabricate the appearance of representative government. But, that will have to wait. For now, the administration must prevent the incipient Iran bourse (oil-exchange) from opening in March and precipitating a global sell-off of the debt-ridden dollar.


The bottom line on the bourse is this; the dollar is underwritten by a national debt that now exceeds $8 trillion dollars and trade deficits that surpass $600 billion per year. That means that the greenback is the greatest swindle in the history of mankind. It’s utterly worthless. The only thing that keeps the dollar afloat is that oil is traded exclusively in greenbacks rather than some other currency. If Iran is able to smash that monopoly by trading in petro-euros then the world’s central banks will dump the greenback overnight, sending markets crashing and the US economy into a downward spiral.

This article at Guerilla News Network offers an alternative outlook on the situation being manufactured in Iran, and it’s not pretty. And looking at the history of US involvement in the Middle East, I’d be very surprised to find it isn’t almost all true. A moonbat I may well be, but I’d love to be proved wrong on this.

Link cribbed from my employers, Futurismic.

4 thoughts on “Smoke and Mirrors…the real reason the US are setting Iran up for a fall”

  1. If Iran is able to smash that monopoly by trading in petro-euros.

    Iraq did this about a year before Iraq was occupied. See where it got them.

  2. That’s pretty much how I would interpret the news and info i’ve come across on the matter.

    Iran are around 10 years away from the capability to create just one nuclear weapon whilst being surrounded by people already with nukes. Much talk has been focussed on a bombing from Israel and reports in the last couple of days about Iran now helping out Hamas with funding provides the perfect pretext.

    Although a terrorist attack on American soil would probably be more useful for the war effort, i’m sure nobody will be waiting for public opinion to swing their way.

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