Some introductions

I’ve got a few new additions in the blogroll who I thought I’d give a mention today …

  • OKfuture is an irreverent little metablog that does futurist stuff and assorted randomness. A refreshing and quirky outlook going on over there.
  • 3pointD is one of the sources that is supplying me some of the more interesting and bizarre news from Second Life and the metaverse, so if you have an interest in synthetic worlds, go take a look.
  • And last but by no means least is StarShipSofa, a science fiction podcast blog that focusses on one classic sf author or movie per episode – current feature is everyone’s favourite enfant terrible and boob-grabber Harlan ‘I don’t actually write science fiction’ Ellison. I’ve not listened to it yet, but it’s stuffed on the N80 for tomorrow’s walk to work. The bit that intrigues me is the blogger’s claim that the site is “wrapped up and inspired by the great Ronnie Corbett.” How you get from the rather more irritating of the Two Ronnies to science fiction I have yet to discover, but it promises to be a unique journey.

Frighteningly enough, this brings the total number of feeds in Google Reader (yeah, I changed platforms again) to 252. It’s no wonder I never get anything done.

As a side note to link-hounds, I’m just as baffled by the absence of a link dump for Monday as you may be; was up, as was VCTB (as far as I can tell), but the dump report simply says ‘no items retrieved’, even though I stuffed up about ten links yesterday. Meh. I’m putting it down to some weird daylight savings time glitch. There should be a fresh (and fairly hefty) batch preceding this post, though. If not, it’ll be time to play ‘WordPress plug-in roulette’ again …

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