Spam Karma

It’s been nice getting a wider readership over the past few weeks. But with more readers comes (dum-dum-DUUUH) wider exposure to spam comments. Which is why I’ve just installed Dr. Dave’s Spam Karma 2 WordPress plugin, which is widely reported to be a pretty good piece of work. Which should save me time that I currently spend deleting comments inviting all comers to purchase dodgy drugs or view porn somewhere on teh intarwebs.

I mean, as if we don’t know where to go for that sort of stuff already? Duh.

Now all I have to do is upgrade to the new version of WordPress, which should be as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. However, if this site goes missing for a few days, you’ll know what happened, though I’m going to take a full back-up before I touch anything – I learned my lesson when mine host had a nasty server-failure incident a while ago and yours truly had to recobble his template files all over again. We live and learn, eh James? 😉

Edit: as the NT(hel)L DNS servers are having one of their ‘throw a six to start’ evenings, I think I may wait until tomorrow and see if I can get a connection I’m more sure of before messing with my domain in any way. Hmnmmph.

2 thoughts on “Spam Karma”

  1. Yes, I have certainly learnt 🙂 A tape + disk backup system will be on its way soon! Nightly backups ahoy…

  2. Actually, I meant *I* had learned, but what the hell…

    D’ya catch the ‘hack a wireless router’ link? Thought you might like that one.

    Why were you not at the SYL gig, man? I thought you were METAL! 😀

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