Still waiting

So, no phone call on Thursday, either. It’s the not knowing that’s killing me here. I can live with not getting the job, and I can certainly live with getting it, but I can’t deal with this emotional and psychological limbo state that not knowing one way or the other is leaving me in.

Having asked around for advice, I’m going to call them at my first tea-break on Friday and risk seeming like a pushy b*stard. I need to be able to move on, to plan my next move. I need closure, damn it. I’m like a BASIC program in a recursive IF/ELSE loop – until I get an input, I’m just wasting processor cycles and am unable to focus on anything else. Which, given that I have loads of things I could be moving on, is a really rubbish situation.


Ahem. Sorry for that – and for a week of sloppy blogging; my mind has been on other things, I’m afraid. I’ll be trying to book a room for Eastercon on Friday morning, too, having discovered that the online reservation system doesn’t accept debit cards. I’m just hoping there’s a single occupancy room left spare. This week has been a real roller coaster of emotions. I’ll tell you all about it in FPB … so there’s something to look forward to, eh? 😉

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