Strange things are afoot in Second Life

It looks like Second Life, home of the weird, just got a little bit weirder. The PR agency Centric have just found their island build taken over by a rogue corporation from another timeline that has been trying to develop an alien world into a human colony. No one seems entirely sure what that means, but Winfinity, the temporally displaced company in question, is offering a bounty of L$100k to the person who goes in, scopes the scene and brings back the best report of what’s going on. I’ve been threatening to get acquainted with SL for months now – I think I just found my motivation. Any regular visitors to the metaverse care to share some tips of good places to visit?

2 thoughts on “Strange things are afoot in Second Life”

  1. Depends on what you’re looking for. I’m partial to Cubey’s Aerodrome, some of the artificial life stuff going on in SL, and the occasional developer project (I think MOU’s Pontiac project is well done: Motorati Island).

    Stop in if you have a chance. Only one “csven” in the book afaik.

  2. hell! sure 100k is enough to motivate! and if n e one deserves to get it its u so all the best!! go get em tiger rrr!

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