Stuff to see and do – open thread

In lieu of proper material, here is a bribe-offering. You see, by the time this post goes live, I’ll be at work. Which kind of sucks, but that’s just the way these things go – the rent won’t pay itself, after all. I don’t get to sit at a desk all day, so I can’t pull off any crafty stealth-blogging while being paid. If I wasn’t at work, hell knows I’d be cranking out some interesting controversial intriguing weird stuff for you good people to read today, because I feel obliged to provide you with good material for no more reason than that you all keep coming back. It gives me a warm glow, you know?

But as I say, I’m on a long shift at work today (this being a pre-prepared post), and having been at Cafe Scientifique last night, I didn’t have the time or energy to do an essay/screed/rant type thing after my link-collecting and Futurismic bloggage was completed. (You do all read Futurismic, don’t you? Jolly good.)

So, that means I’m taking the lazy option tonight, in the interests of getting a decent night’s sleep in the midst of what can only be described as a global heatwave, the humidity of which is doing little for my ability to get to sleep at all (and which incidentally seems to be turning a certain section of the population into psychotic marauding barbarians intent on dmaging property or people, whichever is easier or closer to hand). Here are some goodies to tide you over in my absence, while you await my Cafe Scientifique report and whatever else comes tumbling from my brain-pan tonight.


Firstly a few recommended blogs, for those who’ve not fully investigated my sidebar yet.

Meme Therapy – if you like what you read here at VCTB, checking out Jose’s interviews with genuine boffins and science fiction luminaries will probably ensure that you never return here again…though I’d obviously much rather you read both. Good stuff, go see.

365tomorrows – this little site churns out a spec-fic short-short story every single day. The quality can vary, but some of them are real gems, and they rarely take more than a few minutes to read.

The Seed Magazine scienceblogs – this is the master feed for a huge selection of science-related blogs. There’s always something interesting in there, and they are developing a real community vibe. This bunch are going to become a powerful voice; not always agreeing on details, but almost all agreeing that things need thinking about seriously. Reed the collected feed, see who makes the posts that interest you most, then go straight to the source.


And if that’s not enough for you, well, you could go and read Chris Roberson wondering about dwindling audience figures (not just in science fiction, but all media and all genres). Or perhaps David Louis Edelman’s idea for ‘an Amazon for voters’ to revitalise the US political landscape would be more your taste? Or push the envelope to the max, and pop over to Betterhumans for a lengthy but fascinating and well researched essay on ethics, morals and transhumanism, if you dare.

I tell you, with all this good stuff out there, it’s a real miracle that you people drop by here to read my wordage. But I’m really glad you do! Feel free to treat this as an open thread, by the way – I’m not going to stop trying just because the last one didn’t get anywhere

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