Sunsets, plus the unexpected consequences of 1337-speak and search engines

Well, just to prove that Scalzi doesn’t have the monopoly on nice sunsets (even if he does have a far better camera):


No photoshopping, either (apart from cropping the bottom, but I think that’s permissable). The curiously alien structure there is a leisure centre / swimming pool complex called (unsurprisingly) The Pyramids. They have some good gigs there sometimes, too. Thought it looked rather funky with the psychedelic atmospherics right above it – aren’t you glad I shared that with you? Feel free to check out other images from Velcro City in my Flickr set, should you wish.

Because I don’t have a very big readership outside of the loyal feed-followers (hi guys, you rule!), I don’t get much of a chance to share the results of my Google analytics results – they’re rarely worth mentioning. Suffice to say that, beyond people doing manual searches for my name or the site’s title, the most clicked-through post from Google I’ve ever made was the one with the anti-MySpace graffiti – over twenty hits from people searching for “myspace haters”, and counting (VCTB is result number 8 for that one).But it was brought to my attention by a few commenters that this post here (where I shared a couple of photos of dismembered daleks) is actually the second highest result, should one (for whatever reason) decide to search Google for “ZOMFG”. Which probably means that I’ll get plenty more sub-literate ramblings on that one over the years to come – lucky me!

[Just so you know, this was on my mind after reading a post elsewhere that pointed out the amusing results that occur if you search Google for “failure” – that’s some serious ad-hocratic reality-hacking right there. :)]

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