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Conscious Machines interview

Talking about conscious machines often provokes visions of dark-future scenarios akin to those in the Terminator movies, where humanity is beseiged by robots which were, in a fit of typical human hubris, created in man’s own image. There are researchers trying to build conscious machines today, but their aims and ideas are as far from these science fiction movie nightmares as one could imagine – much more mundane, but at the same time quietly astonishing in their own right. Continue reading Conscious Machines interview

Cafe Scientifique: Who’s afraid of conscious machines?

I can say with certainty that there were at least forty or so people in the UK last night who weren’t obsessing over the fate of twentytwo overpaid men in shorts and one air-filled leather sack. We had far more interesting things to think about. Continue reading Cafe Scientifique: Who’s afraid of conscious machines?