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A tour of a nanofactory

Here’s another first at VCTB – the first time I’ve bothered reposting something I saw on YouTube.

Being an incorrigible science fiction reader, and leaning toward the harder end of the spectrum, I’ve heard plenty about nanofactories (or ‘replicators’, or ‘fabbers’ as they are sometimes called). But to actually see a visualisation of how one would work was pretty inspirational. Continue reading A tour of a nanofactory

Film Review: A Scanner Darkly

Philip K. Dick holds the dubious (and regrettably posthumous) honour of being a science fiction writer who has had a great many of his works converted into major films. As with all the products of Hollywood, some of these conversions have been less than faithful. Linklater’s A Scanner Darkly, however, is widely reported to be very close to the mark. Continue reading Film Review: A Scanner Darkly