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Prometheanism and apocatopia

I’m not sure quite how I discovered the post-nihilist bloggings of Arran James; I think he must have written something about the Neo-Reos or the Accelerationists that someone linked me to a while back. There’s something important in this closing passage from a longer think-piece on the rise of Prometheanism, which James hopes may represent an end to the “depressive” or melancholic politics of the moment:

Have the politics of resistance and the politics of withdrawal really been a kind of stalling gesture? We have demanded infinite demands and finite demands and we have demanded unity and demanded an end to calls for unity. We have demanded ceaselessly. But while we demand we address some Other: I can’t do it, you do it. And this isn’t just a critique of electoral politics but extends to those who would drop-out or disappear, as well as those who “would prefer not to” or who wish not to get their morals dirty. All of these positions amount to the same thing: the absence of a political desire. Perhaps this is how our political cartography should begin to be carved up: those with the desire for revolution; those with the demand for revolution; those whose remain within the imaginary; those who place themselves at the infrastructural. This infrastructure may be the material infrastructure of things, but it could also be considered the psychic infrastructure of illusions. Promethean desire is first and foremost the thirst for new illusions, and a turning away from the ‘withdrawals, secessions and mere interruptions’ (Tosacano) that we’ve grown used to.

I felt like I was having a finger pointed at me. In a good way.

Worth reading alongside this here video of novelist and all-round left-intellectual dreamboat China Mieville talking at this year’s Nelson Institute Earth Day Conference on the limits and necessities of utopia in the context of ecological and social justice:

Stop press…post-apocalypse rolling stock

From the website of Witham Specialist Vehicles:

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Vehicles and plant can be purchased from us ‘as is’ or fully reconditioned and prepared to customers requirements. Our fully trained staff are able to undertake all aspects of work on all types of vehicles and plant we sell, in our modern fully equipped workshops.
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And here’s where I can get some vehicles for my post-apocalypse fantasy scenarios, to go with my bunker colony. (Mental note…stop reading military SF late at night.) No bloody hovercraft, though. I want a hovercraft.

This link courtesy of my good mate Crusty Paul…he makes musical instruments out of old electronic kids toys and sells them to musicians with more money than sense, check his website here: Circuitbenders