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Neuromancer to hit the big screen?

Via Big Dumb Object comes word that someone has bought the film options for William Gibson’s seminal cyberpunk classic, Neuromancer:

“The project will get a $70 million budget with Joseph Kahn currently set to direct. Kahn has only directed one full length feature so far, the motorcycle film Torque, but he may be better known for directing Britney Spear’s music video for “Toxic”. I think all the excitement I just had flew out the window.”

Couldn’t have put it better myself. I can’t think of one film-of-the-book made from a book I’ve cared about that hasn’t made me absolutely furious with its appallingness. Hell knows I’ll go and see it anyway, and I’m pleased that Gibson will get some good dollar out of the deal (hopefully), but … I don’t know, maybe I’m too cynical, but I can’t imagine this being done in any other way but butchery.