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OK, so perhaps it’s just me, but when I heard (from Big Blog of Cheese) that there’s a review written in the style of a graphic novel about a graphic novel, that is itself a story that combines not just the history of the graphic novel as a format but also a re-examination of a canonical English fantasist author –

Well, let’s just say that the whole meta-ness of it brought a real big grin to my face. File under ‘reasons to leave the house more often’ and ‘postmodernism is rotting my brain’, perhaps?

The future of marketing

If the core mode of science fiction is extrapolating current ideas into an imagined future, then quite a few people can be said to be doing it in one form or another:

Penny Arcade webcomic

Image © 1998-2006 Penny Arcade, Inc.

Nice subtle bit of humour from the Penny Arcade boys, there. Click through for the full-size version, and have a read around while you’re there. If you or any of your mates are serious gamer/obsessive types, you can’t fail to find a good laugh.

I’m being decidely un-writerly this evening and going out for beer and loud music. Yeah, so call my lawyer … 🙂

Shouting into a barrel?

There is truth to be found on teh intarwebs, you know…

Pearls Before Swine

This could almost be a transcript of a conversation between myself and my mate Paul Circuitbenders…he likes to keep me grounded. Either that or he gets a kick out of reminding me that I’m a closet egotist. Possibly both.

Of course, my stats (and occasional comments, cheers guys) tell me that a few people *ARE* reading, so I manage to fend of the paranoiac insecurity that way. Kind of. 🙂
Spotted this on Respectful Insolence, BTW. Another webcomic for the aggregator.