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Hello there! (Inter)national De-lurking Week

Word filters through slowly to us marginal British blogging types, but I am reliably informed (via the excellent Cosmic Variance) that this is National De-lurking Week over the other side of the pond, and I thought I’d get in on the action.

What’s a lurker, you ask? Well, statistically there’s a 90% chance that you, the person reading this, are one. Lurkers are those who read a blog but never click through and comment. I get maybe a hundred subscribers a day here, and perhaps ten people who actually pipe up with something to say every once in a while.

So, (Inter)national De-lurking Week is designed for you – click on through and say hello. You don’t have to say anything clever or funny – maybe just say where you’re from, or big-up your own blog (if you have one). Get to know one another. Hey, you never know who you might meet! How cool would it be if VCTB brought together a couple destined for a great future together – I’d have an excuse to buy a new hat!*

While we’re doing the dialogue thing, I’d just like to apologise again for the slackness this week. But a new influx of hardware (which is finally all set up and running smoothly) should ensure that no more nasty computer disasters knock me off the straight and steady path of delivering what ever it is that keeps you coming back here. Thanks for your time. Now, take the right hand off the mouse and type something! You can spare thirty seconds, surely? Your boss’s meeting isn’t due to end for another half hour at least …

[* Making an obscure cultural reference to the UK iteration of ‘Blind Date’ – that’s just how cool I am, yo.]

Shouting into a barrel?

There is truth to be found on teh intarwebs, you know…

Pearls Before Swine

This could almost be a transcript of a conversation between myself and my mate Paul Circuitbenders…he likes to keep me grounded. Either that or he gets a kick out of reminding me that I’m a closet egotist. Possibly both.

Of course, my stats (and occasional comments, cheers guys) tell me that a few people *ARE* reading, so I manage to fend of the paranoiac insecurity that way. Kind of. 🙂
Spotted this on Respectful Insolence, BTW. Another webcomic for the aggregator.