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In which someone else throws my OMGbleakdarkfuture trigger

I am, by nature, a cynical man. A pessimist, even – especially when it comes to matters environmental. Some might even say overly negative. I’ve certainly shown evidence of depressive traits.

But even I feel like Happy Bozo The Happy Petrochemicals Clown by comparison to Peter Watts:

“There was never a time when things could be turned around with such petty gestures. You want to effect real change? You’ve got to address the root of the problem: human psychology. We evolved in the moment, we evolved to recognize imminent and proximate threats: pestilence, predators, an alpha male coming at us with murder in his eyes. The site of a rotting corpse or a deformed child makes us squirm; the toothy smile of a great white freezes our blood. But we never evolved to internalize graphs and columns of statistics. They may be real; they just don’t feel that way.”

That’s the most cheery paragraph. And just to preempt any possible confusion, I’m linking to that post because I think he’s utterly right.

Budget-day thoughts on UK public transport

Today I booked my round-trip train ticket to Heathrow for Eastercon weekend; I also looked up prices for a day-return journey to London Waterloo next Wednesday for a “Web2.0 in Libraries” course I’m attending.

The latter costs more than the former.

I’m not sure what the word for this particular brand of idiocy might be; I may be obliged to invent my own. But hey, that increase in petrol tax should encourage a higher take-up of … oh, wait. We have more to fear from grumpy truck drivers than global warming, according to Mr Darling.

Now, where did I put that silver lining?