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A vindication of ‘beer-money’ science fiction

Depending on where you sit, the word “literary” preceding the words “science fiction” is either a handy descriptor denoting a certain flavour of genre writing, or a pretentious label that denotes tedious over-egging of the writerly pudding.

It’s probably fairly plain that I’m a fan of literary sf, but what the hell does that actually denote, anyway? Where is the line drawn? And is it inherently ‘better’ than other forms? Continue reading A vindication of ‘beer-money’ science fiction

To label or not to label? The marketing of science fiction

Niall Harrison, a man whose critical writings on science fiction make my reviews look like the feeble amateur mutterings they are, has a post on LiveJournal about the labelling of novels as science fiction (and/or the unlabelling of science fiction novels to pass them off as ‘straight’ fiction). It’s a subject close to my heart, so I thought I’d chip in with my opinions. Continue reading To label or not to label? The marketing of science fiction

Digital libraries

The European Commission have been holding their first summit on digital libraries. From PhysOrg.com:

“Our goal is to make Europe’s cultural and scientific heritage available to all European citizens and researchers for their studies, work or leisure. With its immense expertise and knowledge, this group can make an essential contribution to the European digital library,” said Information Society and Media Commissioner Viviane Reding.

This is a subject close to my heart in many ways. As I am sure I have mentioned before, I am a book junkie. I love books; I couldn’t imagine life without them, fact or fiction, whatever – books are great things. I am also a library employee, and it is plain to see (from the inside at least) that as an industry we are somewhat flat on our arses thanks to a lack of funding from the government. Falling rates of use have been met with cuts in funding, creating a vicious spiral of decline. Libraries desperately need to modernise and move with the times… Continue reading Digital libraries