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Visit Second Life, write story, win money

Here it is, fellow writers – a decent excuse to make that first visit to Second Life that you keep putting off.

The Future Fire, a UK-based speculative fiction e-zine, has just announced a short fiction competition in its latest issue. Says editor Djibril:

"… in this issue, we launch the The Future Fire / Black Swan writing competition with a first prize of $500.

"There’s a small technical barrier to entry, but no cost involved: the contest requires you to register and enter the Second Life virtual world and visit the Black Swan sim, which is a spooky, atmospheric island with a raised pathway, sculptures, events, and inhabitants.

"Visit for as long and as often as you like, and then write a story of up to 2,000 words inspired by your experience and submit it to The Future Fire by midnight on December 10th 2007."

Full details (and the SLURL for The Black Swan) can be found on The Future Fire’s website.

$500? A published short story? Can’t argue with that, can you? It may be time for me to write my first ever story intended for anywhere other than here …

Oh, and if you’re thinking you might make a visit to Second Life, drop me a line – I’d be glad to show you the ropes (and some of the cooler neighbourhoods).

Cheers to Ariel, the all-hearing-news-conduit of UK SF Book News Network, for the heads-up.

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Meet Joe Haldeman in Second Life

Just logged in to SL and found a notecard in my inbox that I thought I should share with the science fiction community. Joe Haldeman is doing a book reading in Second Life this Sunday coming:

I’d like to invite you … to a meetup with science-ficiton writer Joe Haldeman [on] Sunday [August] 12th at 9 am SLT [that’s 1pm GMT BST, UK people]. Joe will give a reading from his upcoming novel, “The Accidental Time Machine,” if the voice client is feeling like working Sunday.

If the voice client is not working, we’ll just do the meetup as a text chat.

Either way, Joe will be talking about his novel, science fiction, writing, science, art and more, and answering questions from me and from the audience.

I hope to see you, and your group, there.

— Ziggy Figaro

Landmark to the event location – the Amphitheater at Dr. Dobb’s Island:


I think I’m going to be at a family gathering on Sunday, but if not I shall certainly be logging in. If anyone wants to tag along but is new to SL, drop me an email and we’ll arrange to meet up, or I’ll put you on to someone else who can chaperone you.

Clute reviews Gibson’s Spook Country

Of course it’s a Clute review – look at the evidence:

“Inside the world of a Gibson novel, under the terrible Symmes sun that brands from within the skins we used to wear, readers and utterands tend to express a kind of meat-puppet digitalis, like marathon dancers unable to stop until the music kills them.”

One of a kind reviews one of a kind. I love the smell of genre in the morning.

It looks like Penguin are going to use cyberspace to promote the man who coined the phrase (but doesn’t like to talk about it), too. [Cheers, Ariel.]

Crown Plaza goes virtual; Eastercon 2010 to be held in metaverse?

UK sf fans may be amused to find that Crowne Plaza, the hotel chain who have hosted the last two Eastercons, are now offering virtual conference spaces for hire in Second Life.

Of course, until they provide some sort of virtual bar facility, fandom’s not going to make the shift to the metaverse. But I’m intrigued by the idea of parallel events …

More Second Life transport – the Melt-mobile

Yet more pre-emptive posts of pictures from Second Life – you lucky people!

This rather unassuming flatbed truck has special powers thanks to the 1337 sk1llz of its creator, the one and only Facemelt Loon, who you can see in the driving seat:

Facemelt Loon's Melt-mobile truck-hack

It may not be apparent, but we’re parked in a skybox about 700 metres above the surface of the Wastelands, there – Loon hacked the car script so it can go places that cars normally should not be able to go. Shortly after this image was taken, we performed an experiment with SL gravity.

Then there was demolition derby that crashed the sim, but we don’t talk about that …