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The sub-genres are spreading like a rash

Inferno-krusher, clockpunk, The New Comprehensible; new subgenres and literary manifestos seem to be the thing this year. Warren Ellis has unearthed yet another one for us. Heliumpunk is:

“A future or near-future setting where anachronistic and obsolete technology is given a new lease on life, not just because it is cool, but for plausible reasons within the setting.”

Hmmm. It’s too sensible to really catch on, IMHO.

Friday Photo Blogging: Guanajuato City, Mexico

Yet another image from the vaults, I’m afraid; my camera is away having its sensor cleaned*. So, let’s travel to Mexico again:

Guanjuato 1

That is the view over the centre of Guanajuato, a former silver town and currently thriving cultural hotbed, located in the state with the same name. A beautiful and unique location; plenty to see, and always something happening. I saw Cafe Tacuba play a gig at the city’s baseball park while I was there, which I can safely say was one of the most extraordinary gigs of my life.

[* Yeah, I know; I haven’t had it very long at all. Apparently this is one of the curses of low-end dSLRs; the first shot taken with them may loosen up some small shred of plastic left over from the manufacturing process, which then lodges itself on the sensor and puts a noticable smudge on every image. I know it wasn’t a sloppy lens change on my part, because I’ve not changed the lens since I bought it. Selah.] Continue reading Friday Photo Blogging: Guanajuato City, Mexico