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Hey, DJ – where’s the space?

Just a quick one – the inestimable Philip Palmer (who’s a much less scary man in person than his author photo might have you believe*) has very kindly played host to my marginal music taste in his regular Wednesday “SSF song-of-the-week” slot over on his own website. So go listen, why don’t you?

[ * He said that if I didn’t say that he’d cut off all my toes. One at a time. With a garlic crusher. SRSLY. ]

Review of Philip Palmer’s Debatable Space

My review of Philip Palmer’s Debatable Space is now online at Strange Horizons:

“Writing an entire novel in the first person is a stylistically brave and challenging exploit to undertake, particularly for one’s début, and in the sections set in the “present” of the multiple viewpoint characters, Palmer doesn’t do too badly. But Lena’s thought-diary sections fall foul of two cardinal sins of novel writing; one general, and one specific to science fiction.”

That’s me off Orbit’s Christmas card list, I think.