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Network overload

tiny cat screamingOK, for the record: although I thought some of his reasons and criticisms were wrong, I largely agreed when Jonathan said that Tor.com was late to the party and unnecessary[1] to the online genre scene.

And now there’s another one: Stephen Hunt’s SF Crowsnest is the latest to board the bandwagon with Hivemind.

Considering how long the Tor site has been in the pipeline – and the original-content-producing clout they have behind them – how could launching this now possibly be a sane option by comparison to just reskinning PHPbb and chucking it in a subdomain so your regular readers can beef without cluttering the comment threads?

Coming as it does from a site that hasn’t had a properly functional RSS feed since I started reading that way in late 2005[2], I hope you’ll all forgive me for not rushing over there to add you as a friend.

I follow a fair few PR and social media commentators via blogs and Twitter, and it’s interesting how social network saturation is finally starting to set warning flags a-waving among those who were first to praise their potential. Too much of a good thing, perhaps… but as has been pointed out, there’s no need to do anything. The web’s always been pretty Darwinian; many are born, few survive to thrive. [image by wafdaros]

[ 1 – Unnecessary does not equate to useless or unenjoyable, in case that isn’t obvious. ]

[ 2 – Unless something has changed since last time I tried it around December last year, of course. ]