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Friday No-photo Non-blogging

Yeah, slacking off this week, for a whole assortment of reasons – but principally because I played a gig last night and am hence very much the worse for wear. But it went pretty well, and we’ve been offered our first support slot at a big venue (way off in October) so we’re pretty stoked.

If you’re really hankering to read some of my pontifications, though, you can pop on over to issue #4 of Fruitless Recursion, where my review* of Reading Science Fiction is now available to one and all.

Have a good weekend!

[ * It kinda mutated into a discussion of potential new platforms for collaborative criticism and dialogue around science fiction. What can I say – non-fic collections designed with generalism in mind are hard to review in any interesting fashion. Selah. ]

How much sleep is enough?

Never quite as much as you just had, in my experience. The BBC looks into the theory of there being an optimum length of time for people to sleep each day, and signs seem to indicate that there is no hard and fast rule:

“In a nutshell, if you sleep for eight hours a night go to work and find yourself lolling and drooling on the keyboard, you aren’t getting enough. If you’re sleeping five hours and running the country, you probably are getting enough.”

Six hours a night is about my average, though I tend to catch up at the weekends – but there’s little sign of me running the country yet. Which is something I think we can all be grateful for …