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Yeah, yeah, I know, everyone reads XKCD, and it’s so tramline to link to it or repost it and say “OMG XKCD made me do a LOL”. But today’s XKCD really did make me do a LOL, which is hard work for anyone at 7:30am. So I’m linking and reposting it*.

XKCD - Frustration

So you can sue me.

[ * I’ve included the title text as well, which was what really made me laugh; hover your mouse over the image. ]

Do I enjoy webcomics?

Or do I just enjoy thinking of myself as the sort of person who enjoys webcomics?

Cat and Girl webcomic - Mutualism

As it does quite often, today Cat And Girl gives me a philosophical LOL with a tinge of bleakness.

[ Yeah, in lieu of actual content. Still, as of today I’m back to part-time at the day-job, so this morning has been a massive catch-up binge of very satisfying proportions. Normal (hah!) service will be resumed very soon. ]

Why science fiction cinema sucks in 2007

Here’s the opening panel of the latest edition of Diesel Sweeties, a webcomic that all geeks should read – and I work on the assumption that 90% of readers of VCTB are that sort of geek*.

So click through for the punchline (which is even more VCTB appropriate):

Diesel Sweeties webcomic for 18 December 2007

An extra ten geek points for recognising the cultural reference in my post title, there. Answers in the comments!

[* That’s meant as a compliment, BTW. 🙂 ]

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