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New client site launched: Zeno Literary Agency

It’s been open to the public for a couple of days now, so I can safely announce that the new website for Zeno Literary Agency (the project formerly known as The Big Project) is live and unleashed upon the intertubes.

Zeno Agency represents a big old swathe of genre (and non-genre) writers of note, so it’ll be a good place to keep an ear to the ground as regards the publishing circuit. Go take a look.

Zeno Literary Agency

Design-wise, it’s pretty stark and minimal; the real heavy lifting was getting the client biography pages to work the way we wanted them, complete with alphabetical divisions, little thumbnails in the listings and so on. There were times at which this project was intensely frustrating, but I learned a great deal about what you can do with custom queries in WordPress in the process. Every day’s a school day.

Aesthetic and ergonomic feedback is not just welcome but positively encouraged. 🙂