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Holding a Wolfe by the ears

Oh yeah – in all the excitement*, I forgot to mention that my review of Gene Wolfe’s Severian Of The GuildSF Site omnibus went up at a few days back**. I haven’t dared re-read it yet, to be honest. The review, I mean. Though I haven’t re-read the book, either. I might one day, though. Maybe.

And hey – new fiction at Futurismic! “Veritas Nos Liberabit” by Kristin Janz, in fact – please go read, leave feedback, and let me know what you think. Lots of new blogger action over there, also. Good times!

And finally, your headline-of-the-day:

Zombie caterpillars controlled by voodoo wasps

Ribofunk meets the Hammer House Of Horror. Ain’t nature awesome?

[ * By ‘excitement’ I quite obviously mean the gripping twelve hours a day I spend sat at a computer keyboard. Just by way of clarification, you see. ]

[ ** I’ve had no emails from angry theists, so I guess I didn’t offend anyone; this is the result I was aiming for. ]