Tasty customer service

In a world replete with rip-offs, con artists and “please hold while a representative is made available to you” messages, it’s nice to know that there are some people out there who will make an effort to help out a customer. Even more so when the service in question is a free web2.0 service.

You see that bunch of links at the top of the page? (OK, so if you’re reading the feed, you probably don’t, so why not click on through to the main page ((not this post)) and you’ll see what I mean.) That is what the people at del.icio.us call a ‘tagroll’. And I’ve always quite fancied having something like that on VCTB, so when I saw a plug for it on their blog, I went and tried to install the AJAX-generated javascript in my index.

No joy. Didn’t show up.

What a bummer. So I took a chance, and dropped a comment on the blog post. Next day, I noticed a reply saying it would be OK to email their support team about it. So I did; and within a few hours, they’d scoped my blog, looked at the code, and located the error (I had put an apostrophe in the title line, which is a bug that renders the whole thing invisible). They emailed me about the problem, I fixed the code, the tagroll appears. Result.

Now that, my friends, is customer service. OK, so del.icio.us may get a little more traffic and profile from being so prominent on VCTB (though probably not much), but how rare is it to get that kind of response from someone you pay money to, let alone get a free service from? Just thought I’d mention it. If you don’t use the service already, then I’m betting you have even more useless bookmarks in your browser than I do. Sign up now. They’ll treat you like a human being if you have a problem. There is no higher accolade in this day and age.

Speaking of accolades…it would appear the one and only Karl Schroeder stumbled across my interview, and saw fit to link to it from his blog. How stoked am I? An endorsement from two major writers in as many weeks! I love teh intarwebs!

You may have guessed that there’s to be no proper post this evening, but that’s because I’m brewing another of my ‘future of content’ pieces, thanks to a bumper crop of relevant posts over the last week or so. Expect big action on Monday next week; I’ll have something up on Friday too (as I have the day off), and hopefully not just the regular FPB rubbish. Plus more stuff over the weekend – because at the end of the day, life is something that happens to people who aren’t obsessed with their blogs.

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