Technology, travel and pure bad timing

Aaaaaaaarrrggghh. There’s a sub-schedule of Murphy’s Law as applied to technology which says a system failure will occur at the least convenient time possible; that time, in this case, was this morning, when I turned on my computer to find she wouldn’t boot.

[For those of a technical bent: the BIOS load process spends ages looking for the hard drives without any luck, meaning I’m not even getting as far as a GRUB error or an O/S loading problem. Conclusion: ATA controller has bitten the dust, as the likelihood of two HDDs failing simulataneously seems pretty low. Machine still under RTB warranty, thankfully, though shipping it out and back for the fix should present a whole raft of entertaining hassle.]

Obviously there’s never a good time for your main PC to die on you, but having it happen the morning of the Friday you’re due to head off to Manchester for the weekend (in a month when you’ve got a whole lot of projects on the boil and deadlines to meet) is about as bad a situation as I could imagine right now. There has been much wailing, pulling of hair, and gnashing of teeth.

As should be obvious, my old machine still works, meaning I can get online and do the majority of things I need to do… but I replaced her for a reason. The old girl’s as wheezy as a cigar-smoking octogenarian, and priority number one is getting the newer machine back to working order ASAP. Forums have been consulted, receipts and warranties checked, and emails sent. We await further developments.

But anyway, this is a post to explain why things might be a little quieter than usual for the next week or so; maybe not so much here (where it’s pretty quiet all the time, these days) but in other places online where I’m prone to lurking and blathering on. I’ll be almost entirely incommunicado this weekend (as I’m technically on holiday), but next week will see The Hall Of Mirrors running in Damage Control Mode as I try to juggle a number of balls which have just been doused in metaphorical napalm.

I can be reached by email (thank f*ck for cloud computing, eh?), but response times may be sluggish, especially if the messages concern non-business matters. I’m not ignoring you, I’m just shuffling you into a prioritised holding pattern; please bear with me as I try to land this thing without ramming the landing gear through a fuel tank.

*breathes deeply, counts to ten a few times*

OK, stuff to do before I catch my train. Later, people.

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