The comments issue…

This time, I’m pretty positive I’ve got it fixed. I’ve had a fair few comments on the difficulty of commenting here at VCTB. I’d like people to comment here, and haven’t intentionally been making it difficult, but it would seem that there were a few rogue checkboxes in the WordPress settings that I had missed. D’oh.
Having had a thorough poke around in the workings, with reference to the WP help forums, I’m now pretty positive that commenting is as open as I can make it; there should now be no need to register or log in to comment. Hopefully that SK2 plugin I installed should take care of any drive-by viagra ads – in the meantime I am (theoretically) open to easy hassle-free feedback.

If you should find further problems with commenting, and can spare me a few minutes, please email me with any symptoms of the problem (error messages, blank referral screens and so on) so I can get it sorted out. The email address is ‘armchairanarchistAT{the_site’s_domain_name}’.

Thanks to those who’ve taken the time to let me know that there have been problems. I hope the past difficulties haven’t put you off returning here!

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