The curse of Web2.0

I love the internet-as-platform, and I love my RSS newsreading malarkey. Except when it goes wrong. I’ve spent the last three hours wrestling with Newsgator Online, whose servers seem to be having a ‘throw a six to start’ moment. Hence it’s later than I hoped, doing my blogging at Futurismic took me ages, I’ve not answered all my email yet, I’m tired, and have to go to work tomorrow. So no essay piece today, I’m afraid. I’ll make amends tomorrow, as I have the afternoon off and can play catch-up.

So, in the meantime, here are some names being lined up for a ‘New Space Opera’ anthology being pitched for publication late next year:

The names listed there are enough to make me salivate; a line-up of many of my favourite authors, with a strong showing of Brits (which I mention not out of any particular patriotism, but more as an indicator that Space Opera seems to be UK-led). That’ll be a pre-order purchase for certain…unless I can convince Interzone to let me do the review, of course!

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