The Escape

You’re trapped in a hi-tech prison with nothing but a PDA and your wits. Your objective is to escape, or be captured, reincarcerated and tortured. You will have to use your mental and physical skills to conquer the traps and riddles you encounter. But you’re not in a computer game. On the contrary – this is real. This is meat-space.

‘La Fuga’ (Spanish for ‘The Escape’) is a real-world physical RPG of astonishing proportions. $20 million have gone into making this as real as real can get – the prison is real, the tunnels and bars are real. Roleplaying games have just become fully postmodern. This astonishing development looks set to change the way we think about interactive entertainment in the real world forever. Laser Tag suddenly seems a very old and dated thing. They are building a second installation in Manhattan, with plans to roll out another 60 in the next ten years. When the first UK version opens, I am *so* there.

This link escaped from SlashDot.

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