The First Men on Mercury, and blowing away the cobbers

Well, hello there – still following along with good ol’ VCTB, even though it’s been naught but link dumps since, I dunno, June or thereabouts? Well, thanks for sticking around.:)

As a reward, here’s something I’d like you all to see, as it’s National Poetry Day and all (here in the UK, at least). Some of you may know I read and write poems, and some fewer still of you may be aware of my love for Edwin Morgan, the Scots Makar. Morgan’s poetry is clever, honest and beautiful all at once, and I commend it to anyone – and not just his science fiction poems, either.

But it’s one of those science fiction poems I’d like you to look at – and before you wince away thinking “ugh, poetry, leper outcast unclean!”, don’t panic, it’s been redone as a 4-page comic strip (so no one will have to know) by Glaswegian comics duo Metaphrog with the intent to get kids reading Morgan’s stuff (and, by extension, other poets too).

But enough of the background stuff. Here’s page 1 of “The First Men on Mercury” below; head over to Forbidden Planet International‘s blog to see the rest.

The First Men on Mercury by Edwin Morgan (adapted for comics by Metaphrog)

Go on, no one’s watching – go read it all.

There – wasn’t that good? It’s better in print, IMHO, but you get the gist – and Morgan’s a man with a lot of gist to go round, so head for Amazon or your local library (or a bookstore, if you can find one that stocks him) and get some of his work. Or some by some other poet, maybe. Or just a book, whatever type you like. Just go get something to read, OK?

Good. 🙂

[Supplementary waffle for VCTB veterans]

Yeah, so – still hellishly busy with work and personal life and hell knows what else, hence near radio silence here. Futurismic has kinda superceded VCTB as my daily Pulpit of Weirdness, though every now and again I find something I want to talk about that wouldn’t really fit over there, and decide that I’ll post it here instead… just as soon as I have a spare half-hour. And so it goes.

It was all too easy to fall out of the habit of regular posting, and how soon (if ever) I’ll decide to reinstate a regular FPB is a question with too many variables to approach answering right now. But I’m getting better with this time management thing… and I want to use some of the free time for talking here again, because I rather miss it. I’m not going to make any promises that I’m not sure I can keep, but let’s just say I’m gonna make more of an effort to drop in here from time to time.

Of course, if you’ve a deep hankering for theabstruse mundanities of my thrill-a-minute life as a freelance man-of-many-hats, you can always tune into my brainchunder at Twitter. It’s always nice to have new people to rant at, so drop me a message. G’wan. You know you wanna.

Anyway, I have a book I should be reviewing, so I’m gonna go read some of it. Later, people.

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