The great Facebook experiment, plus the Wordbook plug-in

OK, so I decided it was high time I tested the waters with Facebook. Many of you will know my stance on social networks being a time-suck that I cannot justify in my life as it stands, but I’ve heard enough well-reasoned contrary viewpoints that I’ve decided to give it a try for a month and see how it goes.

So, make me feel wanted – friend requests to Paul Graham Raven, please! 🙂

Actually, my motives are two-fold – this evening I’ve been upgrading my install of WordPress to the latest iteration (always a lengthy and slightly nerve-wracking process, no matter how many times I do it without a hitch), and while I was waiting for the backups to download, I discovered Wordbook – a plug-in that will allegedly feed my VCTB posts directly into my Facebook profile.

This is a feature that I would have liked to have for MySpazz, but their API is locked up tighter than an emo-kid’s trousers, so little chance of that. But Wordbook promises to let me keep Facebook updated without having to actually, you know, update Facebook. Sounds like a plan. I’m a lazy bugger.

So, the plugin is activated and the accounts are set up – I guess we’re about to discover whether it works or not.

That said, there will probably be no more content apart from links here for a few days – I’ve written three articles and four CD reviews over the last two days, and the thought of writing anything more makes me want to cry …

2 thoughts on “The great Facebook experiment, plus the Wordbook plug-in”

  1. Looks like it working!
    Have you on my Firefox Live Bookmarks so I don’t need it but it’s definitely a wise decision. I just hope you read all the privacy small print 😉

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