The Great Southern Hosepipe-Kill

What has been a regional concern in the south of the UK is starting to make world news. What an irony that the UK, thought of world-wide as a place where it hardly ever stops raining, should be about to experience a drought. Southern water companies are instigating all sorts of bans on domestic users in an attempt to put a lid on the problem.

However, very little seems to be mentioned regarding the major reason that water table levels are so low – that reason being the huge use of water by industries large and small. I’ll freely admit that the average Brit probably isn’t as careful about water usage as they could be, but it seems surprising to see that it is the domestic consumer who will suffer restrictions due to a situation that they are only a minor contributor to.

A considerable amount of Googling has failed to find me any information on how the water industry intends to penalise the companies who use hundereds of times the amount of water that the average household uses every day. I’m sure they can justify that use, but are they paying a comparable percentage towards the water infrastructure? If I had the time and resources of a full-time investigative journalist, I might have a chance of finding out. Any pointers from VCTB readers more than welcome.

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