The new mag in town

Of all the news I expected to encounter this evening, a report of the launch of a new UK sf magazine was the least likely, but that is what I got. Via the UK SF Book News Network came news of the first issue of Hub, which promises to be: “a fairly even mix of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror […] We don’t favour one genre over the others, and the mix is fairly eclectic – from classic-style science-fiction, through whimsical fantasy and disturbing horror.”

Unlike a few new fiction magazine websites I’ve seen, theirs is slick, tidy and professional – plus they seem to have things planned well beyond the next business loan repayment, which is promising. I’ve gone and signed up for a subscription – I figure £18 is good value for six magazines (plus bonus CD for early subbers), when you factor in the idea that it’s encouraging a new UK market for sf stories. How wise they are in trying to launch a print mag at the dawn of the internet magazine age is not for me to judge – they have a vision, and good luck to them with it. Why not pop over and buy the first issue at least, just to see if they have any chance at all? You can surely spare three pounds.

Talking of new things, here’s a blog mentioned by the one and only Mac Tonnies that I can’t believe I didn’t stumble across before: Biology in Science Fiction, which does exactly what it says on the tin, a mash-up of biosciences and sf. It’s in my RSS list already. The latest post is all about ‘Dattoos’ – skin-mounted DNA-tailored hardware interfaces. How can you resist?

And talking of not resisting, the 4Gb iriver clix media player has just been released. I’ll only be resisting until the January sales, that’s for certain.

And talking of technology, I installed my wireless router this afternoon, and it was running sweet as you like. So, being a good responsible tech geek, I downloaded the latest firmware from the ASUS website – which promptly turned the thing into a brick. B*gger. ASUS technical support have a terse email awaiting the first shift in tomorrow …

As you may have guessed from the content of this post, I’ve been at a vaguely loose end this evening. Futurismic has been down for maintenance (but is now back up again), the American slice of the blogosphere is busy cramming itself with turkey and history (or hiding from those who are doing so), and the wireless debacle consumed a good few hours of time that could just as well been spent reading. So, you get a fragmentary links post. And a cat-meme picture:

Ceiling cat returns...

Yes, Ceiling Cat. Yes, it is.

BTW, I have one of those morale-building corporate-bonding courses at work tomorrow, so you can expect vitriol for FPB

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