The Potential Of Synthetic Worlds

“Synthetic worlds are big business. And not just for their creators – there are a growing number of people and businesses making a living in the real world by working in simulated ones. The economies of MMORPGs are essentially analogous to the economies that operate in reality – their currencies and goods are traded for real money on internet auction sites. They have been host to factional wars, alliances, political protests, theft, scams and fraud. Players have met virtually, and gone on to develop their relationships in meatspace, sometimes to the extent of marriage. While at first glance they may seem to be merely a frivolous extension of the arcade games that proliferated in the 1980s, they are developing into something much more important.”

That’s the opening paragraph of my latest column at Futurismic. So why not go and read the rest of it? Ideal brain-food for a Monday, I reckon…

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