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  1. i’ve read 15 of her books and loved them and lately they have gone down hill, it really sucks. way too much sex and she tries to keep her high morals when she OBVIOUSLY threw them out the window when she became that incubus thing. now it’s not an attack on L.K.H because i really found a lot of happiness reading the books but it seemed as though she ran with what publishers wanted rather than what the readers like, now hey i’m not one to say a sex scene is bad because at the right time in a book it’s great but the first four chapters of her newest book was a sex scene. basically please go back to the old ways! break up with some of the guys,don’t really need micah, find jason a lover(havent finished the new one so he might have one)BRING BACK EDWARD! Have something kewl happen like jean claude gives his life for anita and richard and says be together and sheilds them from dying idk nathanial is kewl but Anita has become boring and snooty. you can’t be sleeping with 6 guys and have morals, sorry. Asher is good too keep the basics lose the rest. where the heck is Cherry and Damian? Ronnie simms is gone along wtih richards best friend. go back to the wolf pack more, they were interesting. give Anita a birthday because well 15 books and she hasnt had one. what happend to her solving crimes? or raising the dead? hmm….helping people? please don’t see it as an attack just know that changing isn’t always a good thing

  2. I totally agree. I’m going to see Laurell K. Hamilton at Dragoncon. Anita has become a total skank.

  3. So first off, Anita has had a birthday, and why is everyone complaining about all the men and the sex? That is a part of who Anita is, she is an Incubus and has to have it or she will KILL people! and You cant get rid of any of the men, Micah is her Nim-ra (something of a goddamn soul-mate) Nathaniel is part of her pairing with Damien and speaking of him he’s off doing his own thing in his own place so thats where he’s been, Cherry-also off on her own with Zane, Richard is a self-righteous prick and by no means could make Anita happy on his own, Jean Claude and Asher are together so their staying because their also in love with Anita, Jason is linked with Anita in many ways and he has PLENTY of lovers, and the whole series is about her life and whats happening, it cant all be about crime there has to be something personal, and if more things are happening in her life then in the crime world then so be it. Also if you view Anita as a skank then that shows the narrow religious sort of view, and who’s to say you cant be moral and have lots of sex?? thats just bull.

  4. I whole heartedly agree with Danielle [nice job with the synopsis] and either you like the theme of the series or you don’t we’ve all known the direction the series was heading and kept buying the books so give it a rest.

  5. I think the sex is a little overdone, I know what Anita is but
    it is time to tell her story without turning it into a porn movie.
    I adore Anita Blake and will never stop reading the books but I tend to gloss over all the sex as after a while it just gets boring!!!

  6. Danielle,

    If Jean Claude died, they would all die.

    “but it seemed as though she ran with what publishers wanted rather than what the readers like”

    Wrong. If you read her blog, you would know better. She doesn’t care what the publishers think, and she doesn’t care if the fans don’t like all of it or not. What matters, is writing the story how it is meant to be written. GOOD writers develop ‘friendships’ with their characters. They are nearly as real as you and me. These people have personalities, and they do their own thing. She is not writing for you, or for the publishers. She is writing for the characters, and for the love of writing. If you no longer like where the books have gone, stop reading them. Pure and simple. I hate people who complain about a book series, and want a bunch of crap done in it that WOULDN’T MAKE SENSE in the story line, and then continue reading it. You know what most people do when they don’t like a series any more? They stop reading it.

    “you can

  7. Okay “The Man” Fuck yourself first of all! Now that that’s out of the way, I love the series! I have bought every book. and read them at least 2 times. Sherri, Ashley, I love you both. You see what the books are meant to be, and accept them as they are. With out bitching, or whining that they need this or that, or there’s to much of whatever. I totally agree with you both, and Danielle, shut the heck up! You obviously missed the whole point of the books, and need to just stop reading them if they bother you that much. Anita is a caring person, and if you noticed doesn’t exactly love the thought of being with six guys. But she accepts it because she loves them! Can you truly say that if six hot guys all loved you and were fine with sharing you wouldn’t be with them all? I’ve said my piece, I love the books and can’t wait till the next one comes out!

  8. These books are so much more then the sex scenes, there about devotion to the people you love no matter what you have to do to maintain it, its about the many layers of te individual and most of all it is about the love and friendships that an extraordianry woman has developed throughout her life. No matter what or who tries to bring her back down to their level.

  9. I need help, I’m really torn on whether to continue. I just finished “Incubus Dreams”. I’m not a prude by any stretch, the sex did not bother me until this book when I realized I lost track of how many guys she slept with and her attitude towards it. What really threw my over the edge was the threesome with Richard and Jean Claude. For me it was void of any emotion of their relationships, I hated how she spoke during, it was just so raunchy, all of it. Does it lighten up a bit in the upcoming books. I like the way LKH writes. I want to know what happens to the characters moving forward since I’ve invested so much time. I’ve been reading them back to back since Xmas. I miss Edward! Have not seen him since Obsidian Butterfly. Actually good thing he in not around, if he had any idea what she was doing, we would finally find out who is the better killer. Some input please???

  10. Oh yeah, another thing that bothered me was that she slept with Nathanial after he shifted. I thought she did not do furry. Jesus H. Christ!! Richard said it best, it was sick!

  11. I am fourteen and love thease books! I know, im young, but i’m an over achiever and have read worse. At the moment I am on bloody bones but have read a few parts ahead because my aunt asked me too. I really appreciate that in the ifrst five books have no sex because my best friend can read them, but this whole richard Jean-Claude thing is annoying me. Jean-Claude (deffinately my pick of the two if oyu were wndering) needs to let Anita marry Richard. He is human and she wont have to live longer than a normal life for him. Now for Richard, he needs to calm down! He is over protective nad Anita isnt the type of girl to deal with that! Abotu Edward, I think Anita COULD take him, but I don’t think she would. She cares about him, sortof like a sisterly love, I also don’t think Edward would really kill her, she has helped him to much. With the wohle sleeping with 6 guys thing, its not good. I miss phillip! He was awsome and would of been perfect for anita. Nikoles was a horible leader, and Jean-Claude needs more power, he is weak. And the sex… Doesnt matter, I’m a kid and can deal with it, I think you ADULTs can too, if not, don’t read them!

  12. I started to read the Anita Blake series when I was thirteen. I really enjoyed the first bunch of books. But I agree with most of you. It has become triple x porn. Aye, the series is good so is the plot. But holy shit is she horny! Like seriously! She can’t get laid so she writes about it. And honestly, the sex scenes have now began to replay. They all seem the same! Give man blow job while getting fucked in the ass… puh-lease. It’s all the same. Love Jean-Claude!

  13. I adore the Anita Blake series. I started reading Guilty Pleasures about 3 months ago and read every single book non-stop for like 2 months. I had no idea what to do with my life once I finished skin trade!
    Poor LKH.. shes got alot of backlash for the smut. I, personally, think its fantastic. I wanted to give Anita a hi-five when she finally banged Jean Claude.. The sexual tension was killing me!!!
    The sex is the story line. The books were boring without it.. too much freaking tension! It adds to the romance, and I guess if you dont like it, do what most other people did and stop reading it!
    I also love the fact she included the smut between JC & Auggie. Power to the gays, I say!!
    I cant wait till the next book.. whenever that may be. Now I must go fishing for something to fill the void Anita has left in my life. Woe is me.

  14. I love the Anita Blake series. Although from Incubus Dreams to Blood Noir the sex scenes got to be annoying. Not because it bugged me, it was just so repetitive. However in the last book, Skin Trade, Hamilton got back to what made me love the series in the first place. Edward and Anita worked together again, which was great. I love his character. And she toned down the sex a lot. If she keeps writing like she did in Skin Trade then I will be happy. And I agree with some other comments I’ve seen on here: If you don’t like it anymore, stop reading it.

  15. REALY!? ok so im 14? Soi started reading these books at 13? so wat? i read the first few books and they are super! i havent read worse. very violent 🙂 but i can handle it. To the other 14 year old, if your aunt asked you to read this, thats disturbing….. and the fact that you read worse, even more so. Ohand this isnt important but for an overachiver you made a lot of mistakes.
    on to the story, from what i hear, Anita sold out her beliefes. but ey whatever floats her boat right?
    and as for the book being full of repetetive smut, HELLO? Anita had sex only Once before! perhaps she just doesnt know how to have sex…..for lack of a better term, more creatively…..
    as for the person who o so unkindly said LKH couldnt get layed, doesnt she have a kid or something?
    anyway things wont work with richerd that much i find fairly obvious as for Jean Claude, shes gunna get bored of him
    for the other four guys, i dont know who they are.
    NO Edward will not fall in love with her nor vice-versa as for him not killing her cuz she saved him? BULLSHIT!! he is a profesional killer! must i spell it out for you? im willin to bet if you payed him enough, he`d go in through her window and flame thrower her……
    if any one thinks differently, go write some fan fiction and change the names and get it published so humanity has another book to hate on
    Oh and thanks Brian for the fabulouse point, but as i said the first couple of books wasnt so bad… well at least it was bearable
    had some cool scenes with fighting and all
    so to be redundant first few books good
    rest few books to be decided
    by me 😉
    ps: oh also the other fourteen yr old ws SOoooo self centered! no offence but idoubt anyone wants to know how yur an overaciever who reads violece gore xxx porn etc
    pss wat is wrong with half of u postin stuff at 1am!?
    pssssssssss have a happy day
    pppsssssssss i do indeed realize im a total hypocryte and am acting like an ass ;D

  16. Alright, lets get one thing straight.
    1st of all, to the other kids reading these books, if that’s what you like reading, who gives a damn what other people think?

    Alright. Now I’m only on Blue Moon, so it hasn’t gotten to the point that I’m going OMG!! Alright, maybe a tad…. I think Richard is amazing, but that might be because I see him as an older Jacob Black…. Damn you Stephanie Meyer, I see every hot werewolf as Jacob! No I’m kidding, I <3 SM!

    Alright! Um…. I'll keep reading them no matter what, but to Danielle, I don't think any of them should die.

    OMG Nathaniel went furry and Anita fucked him?? o.O

    Well then… I might just have to skip that part……

    Yeeeahhh…… But I think they are amazing! All of them! <3 Asher!

    <33 Richard & Jean Claude <33

  17. I think the books are all wonderfully written they just suck you in and the sex is part of who anita is i like the books with it in theyre more exciting and interesting i like how anitas changed from miss high and mighty to slutty anita its fun and i didnt predict it would happen like you cant with any of laurells books its what makes the writer good if you can predict what happens next whats the point in reading on and the guys in the book are sooooo hot 😉

  18. You know what? The sex doesn’t bug me! It’s the way that in every book you have someone explaining something to Anita and it takes three or more pages for her to grasp it! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, good for you. But someone else has to have this same pet peeve. It drives me crazy and I have to skip ahead till she finally gets to the point.

  19. Old School Anita for the win. Seriously. I’m not trying to insult or demean here but really, that was when the series really cooked. Oddly enough, the sex scenes started getting a smidgen too close together around the time the misogynistic Twilight series arrived. Strange. Now, I agree with both arguments here. “Too much sex” and “character development” but when your stories become a grab for shock and reader hormone levels? Maybe it’s time to re-evaluate the direction. It becomes tedious. Predictable. Unfortunate but true. However, hearing of an Edward return does intruige me. If LKH can stop mentally jerking us off long enough to get back to her roots, I’ll once more be following the adventures of my onetime favorite Executioner. Until then… Meh, porn is just as satisfying.

  20. Well, I enjoy the ardeur! I think those who feel differently are seriously in need of an orgasm.

  21. I’ve read all of the Anita Blake books to the most recent one. Before reading the very last 2, Flirt and Bullet, I was most definitely on the bandwagan with ENOUGH WITH THE F’N SEX ALREADY!!! Then something occurred to me after I finished Bullet, LKH has pretty much written herself into a black hole. She can’t get rid of the sex now, its part of who Anita is as a sucubus. That’s where LKH made her mistake. Anita didn’t even have sex with anyone until book six, and until that moment she was a total prude, and continued to be a prude for quite a while afterwards. All the sex shocked alot of her fans, we weren’t prepared to see this hard stone cold bitch like anita turn into a sex kitten over night. Anita’s first solution for everything in the beginning was grab her gun and start shooting, now its, “Ok, how can I make the bad guy think about sex so that I can screw him into submition?” (Which btw is exactly what Anita does in the book Flirt.) The additude of the whole character has changed. She went from hard as ice to sex kitten willing to screw anything. Why, as her loyal fans, are we not allowed to be upset by this?

    I am by no means a prude either, and sex in a book is fine, if it goes along with the story, however having the main character of the book have sex in every chapter with a different guy is just rediculous!!! I’ve watched LKH destroy the original character of Anita Blake. I dont even recognize her anymore in the most recent books. She is written more like Meredith Gentry now with a harem of men about her. I stopped reading that series when I realized it was nothing but sex.

    And for those of you who say her publishers aren’t pressuring her into all the sex in the books, perhaps you’re right, but obviously her fans are not a fan of it. And she should care about what her fans think, they are the ones who buy the books, without them she doesn’t have a franchise, does she? LKH could have gone in a different direction, even with Anita beinging a sexual succubus. She could have stuck to the original mentality of the character and had Anita learn to feed from a distance. She chose the rout of sex, and let me tell ya, from all the posts I’ve read so far across the net, she chose the wrong path.

    I wouldn’t bother reading LKH’s blog. Doubt she even writes the thing herself. I was on her site only long enough to give my reviews on her latest book only to see that several unfavored reviews before mine were instantly deleted. That might not be LKH’s fault, but that doesn’t speak well of her staff. They afraid LKH will learn the truth, that her books are getting repetative and starting to suck? *shrugs*

    As for me, I loved Anita Blake so much I must have read all her books (up to Obsidian Butterfly) at least half a dozen times each. I will continue to read the series as long as LKH writes it. However, from now on, I’m getting her books from the library. I’ll pay for books, but I’m not paying for porn 😛

  22. What gets me about the books is that the sex is just so boring. Like snorz-a-palooza. It’s repetitive and unimaginative. That wouldn’t be horrible except that there’s so much of it. And Anita never does it because she wants it- she’s always forced into it. That sort of bothers me, to be honest.

    What ultimately bothers me the most is Hamilton’s reaction to negative feedback. She either ignores it completely or immediately assumes that people complain only because we’re unable to comprehend what she writes and that we’re all prudey prudes who “don’t want to be challenged”. Um, how about a reality check? While the paid advertisers and kiss ups still give the good reviews, the reality is that she’s getting fewer and fewer of those good reviews and the sales have been dropping like a stone. Her sales for the Merry Gentry series got to the point where the publishing company figured that it wasn’t worth dealing with Hamilton’s diva attitudes and requirements. Anita Blake might not be too far behind. The sales for Bullet hardbacks were at least 100,000 less than sales of Harlequin, her best selling book of the series.

  23. I still love to read Hamilton but I’ve been skipping the sex parts for a while now. Not because I don’t like sex in books, but because I can’t stand to read “So tight, but so wet!” anymore.

  24. To many of those people who keep saying if you don’t like it don’t read it: shut up. Many of the people who read it are very optimistic and believe that it could possibly get better. To those that say hey she is an incubus so she need sex: the only reason that she is one is so that LKH can justify the reasons who her stories has gone down the porn toilet. For your information it is not that the sex scenes are too gory for us so much as they are horribly written and dull. Maybe if inbetween the sex scenes she actually used this thing called plot we would not complain so much. To you fourteen year olds: are your parents okay with you reading this series? If they are whatever, if not then whatever. I just really wanted to know. To J I feel for you but if you just skip the sex scenes don’t you just end up reading ten pages out of five hundred. To Ashley: she did not mean that Jason needed more lovers as he needs to get in a single relationship with someone not Anita. You really need to stop using the audeur as an excuse for why the Anita is such a slut. To Anitafanatic: you may want a porn buzz but other actually like to read books with meaning. To Arial: I know what you mean. During the end of my reading her books I got really confused because I could have sworn I read a sex scene already and the book was supposedly new. The series sucks now and I think that her publishers need to stop allowing new books to be made. Finally don’t bother to yell at me about how much you love the series and that I just don’t understand because I will never read it. I don’t see myself visiting this site anytime soon. P.S. I think that Anita is a slut and has too much sex and I am not religious. It is just a fact, bitch; Anita is a big whore.

  25. I used to love this series. I bought the first ten books and loved them. I liked Anita as a character and was a great fan of Edward. The stories had a good storyline with only moderate sex. The sex complemented the storyline and had added value; it clarified a few things and was written nicely.

    But as the books progressed there came a turning point. It no longer was a story about an adventure and surviving, it became a porn story about a very egocentric woman whining all the time. I stopped with the series as it has become a artsy porn novel with little action and the main character lost all her appeal. I have nothing against porn; In fact I love porn. But when reading an Anita Blake novel I want to read something akin to the first 5/6 books. Nor am I a prude, I really do not care about the number of people she sleeps with but I do not want to read about it every page. When I want to read such things i surf the internet for Literotica or similar sites.

    Anita Blake has lost me as a reader. And that I never thought possible as I am very loyal to the many series I read; even the bad ones I read just to finish the series. It is just the big difference between the first and the last novels. Just a shame…

  26. Too much.

    Laurel started out with an awesome strong character with a unique in supernatural novels ability to talk with the dead and do it at a full time job

    It ended with a super horny chick that was screwing every sort of were animal and except were-catfish. I missed several novels, she may have did were catfish, were carp and were house flies, I am not sure.

  27. So right now i’m on Cerulean Sins, and i cannot stress how amazing this series is. I love the fact that the characters change and develop as the series grows. Laurell K Hamilton grasped me into the books with the first chapter of Guilty Pleasures.

  28. You know, I’ve read a lot of these comments, and what’s interesting to me is how someone can put their schoolgirl/slut…bring home to mother/see after midnight morals to a story about supernatural beings. Plenty of people swooned when the ball-busting Anita who wouldn’t even let a door be opened for her by a man was seduced, supposedly against her better judgement, by Jean-Claude. Everyone was just FINE with that. She’s torn between two handsome men and still trying to keep her skirt down. Everyone is fine with that, too. Then, the woman who spends most of her time denying her female side, is given power to use her sexuality…oh, say it ain’t so!! Look, if you’ve bought into the idea that only men are allowed to explore and be sexual, fine. If you think some of the writing was repetitive, as it can sometimes be a bit, and dislike it for that reason, that’s fine also. But to call a fictional character who has gained a fictional supernatural power a slut is kinda a clue that you need to get out more. Either that, or start having some decent sex yourself, because to those of us in touch with that part of ourselves, the increase in sex is not a drawback of the series. I hear Twilight doesn’t delve so deeply into such matters; maybe that would be more your speed.

    To all the high handed men…keep your obedient cows around you.
    To all the holier than thou women…if you made your own living and had the looks to do continuously attract men, I can just bet your moral stance on this wouldn’t be as rigid.

  29. I love the Anita Blake series. However, if you do analyze the books, you can see a drastic turn around Narcissus in Chains. I fell in love with the series because it delved not only into her life as an animater but her personal life as well. In each book we saw her morals go from stark black and white to black and white with an overlapping grey to everything truly is grey. In some ways, I agree with just about everyone, however, we all must point out that the latest books truly aren’t like the early books. That’s okay. It is true that the book is for the characters. But, I for one must admit that I loved it when “animating” was a part of her life and it didn’t take me 20mins to get through a sex scene…sex is great, but does there truly need to be twenty minutes of dialogue within it when what they wanted to say could have been said in 5?

    Like I said, still an avid reader, still love the storyline. Anita never ceases to amaze me. But, sometimes, when it comes to sex, less truly is more.

  30. I love Anita, read all the books (including the short stories between the novels) and I’m still a fan of the series. I don’t think LKH needs to change a thing. And the sex is awesome. I’m with the others….don’t like it? Don’t read it!

  31. I love Anita Blake. My biggest complaint is that the books should be longer or more of them, but is that really a complaint? I miss Richard. I hated it when he started changing into what he has become, and I’ve been hoping down deep that when Anita took away her anger from him, that he would go back to being the sweet, loveable Richard that we all first met. He has so much more story to tell with Anita, and I want to hear it. It shocked me when he left the junior high to teach college, and part of me hopes that he misses the “little monsters” so much that he goes back, but maybe working in the college will allow him to tell the world that he’s a werewolf – I hope it does, because not being ashamed of who you are (or hiding who you are) is what has made Micha who he is. And honestly, I HATED Micha in the beginning, but I’ve come to see his part in the story. Now, Richard just needs to find his part in the story. Oh, and for some reason it really bothers me about Envy being with Richard and Jean-Claude when Richard fought against being with Jean-Claude and Anita together. I guess I want to hear more about the first triumvirate more than has been done in quite a while. I love Nathaniel and all the leopards, and even Nicky, but I just miss who the series started out with. Maybe it’s time for me to actually finish a fanfic publish it on some site.

  32. I love the Anita Blake series and all this talk about sex is stupid. The sex is often a reason for the super naturals to gain power for one and secondly those of you saying that Anita is different etc. you need to realise that at the end of the day people change. I prefer her now, there isn’t anything wrong with sex and eventually Anita will learn how to feed from a distance. At the moment the books are portraying Anita’s struggle with her beliefs, who she is and just how far she is willing to go to protect the ones she loves. I wish Edward and others from her past were involved more, I hate Richard with passion and I also have to wonder why all of her scars are mentioned by other characters but the lost of part of her pinky was only mentioned in a tiny paragraph at the time of it happening. Shouldn’t there at least be a reference to the perhaps struggle of adjusting? The best guy in my opinion is Nathaniel. Jason is great but I prefer him as more of a brother/friend figure. Micah is a bit strange he is really suspicious especially since he is so easy going. Loved the pregnancy scare. Jean Claude is alright but I can’t help but to think he should be with Asher. Richard should go die he is such a prick and a pussy. I love Damien to pieces hate that he was in a coffin for so long. If I had to chose I’d want her to be sexually involved with Damien and Nathaniel. Miss the focus on necromancy and police work. I’m glad Anita fashion has improved. Rainas ghost thing is messed up and its the Richard and Jean Claude connection that allows that to happen (AKA get rid of it). Oh I also hate how Anita is lied to and guilted into threesomes etc. Okay rant over (kinda I have way more but I can’t be bothered to type anymore). Much love.

  33. Ok i have been reading the Anita blake series and to all you sex haters i have to say…Please shut your mouth. It’s a series known for smutt if you hate it. Whoopdy freaking doo stop reading it and go back to reading your vampire diaries or twilight. Leave a good series alone. The book explains why she needs sex and it even makes sense with all the lust Jean claude needs. When Anita got the powers fresh she needed sex al lthe time JUST LIKE JEAN CLAUDE DID. He had hundreds of years to control it and not need sex. She is not even close to old enough. Now let us smutt lovers enjoy the good book. P.S whoever said Richard is cool is wrong he is a fucknig annoying self hating ass hole that i wish would put himself in twilight because that universe he needs.

  34. Funny, but the real truth is these kind of sex scenes appeal way more to women than to men. As a guy I find them to be boring, talky and as completely unerotic as it gets. I only had to look at one or two scenes to come to the conclusion that the male characters aren’t real men. Like Ken dolls they are a woman’s toy given female thoughts and attitudes by a female author who doesn’t get how men actually think.

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