The realities of melting ice-caps

Global warming is a contentious issue to say the least. Even the people I know who believe it is happening don’t seem to have given much thought to what it could actually mean in real terms. This website uses a mash-up of NASA elevation data and the Google Maps system to produce a picture of what an increase of sea level would mean in terms of land lost to the sea. It takes a little while to load up, but it is well worth the wait. The default level increase is set at 7 metres – this is the increase that we would see if the entire Greenland glacier was to melt, a process that is well under way and increasing in speed dramatically. There is no telling just how long this would take, but there are predictions that a rise of one metre could easily occur within the next twenty years – maybe less.

For fellow residents of Velcro City, this link will show you the effects of just a one meter rise on our home town…and it means you can kiss goodbye to the Common, which will become a tidal flood plain. A rise of four metres will put the building my flat is in virtually at the water line, and sever the city from the mainland with a wide band of saltwater. This is real – it’s already starting to happen. Despite the ignorance and greed of nay-saying politicians and industrialists, if we don’t start trying to solve some of these problems real soon, we can look forward to a world where climate refugeeism, spiralling disease rates and massive insurance premiums will be not just commonplace, but ubiquitous. If you haven’t already, start hassling your local MP. It’s not hard to do – all you need to do is go to this site which will determine who your MP is and email them a fax with you letter on it. You don’t have to, of course – but if you plan to bring children into the world, I hope you’ll have a good excuse for why the world they will inherit is totally screwed.

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  1. There is still the wide classic belief that the severe effect of global warming will happen ubruptly and very quickly, most likely transforming this planet into a mini ice-age – not over a long period of time.

    Our warm climate depends on a delicate balance of salt and fresh water – here is how: The heat of the sun arrives at the equator and its carried north by the current stream of the antlantic. This is only possible if there is a delicate balance of salt and fresh water. However, since the polar ice caps are melting very quickly, more fresh water will be dumped into the ecean, and therefore the balance of salt and fresh-water will collapse thereby disrupting the heat flow. Once this flow is shut down, our warm climate will dissappear, and pushing the planet into an ice-age.

    This is where I got the info: “The Coming Gobal Superstorm” by Whitley Strieber. A good read, however he claims to be abducted by UFO’s so dont get carried away.

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