The ultimate endorsement

It’s a tough gig, this blogging thing, y’know. It’s like working in a vacuum, wondering if you’ll ever get a gasp of air. Today, I got a big old lung-full. Yeah, that’s right, Bruce Sterling linked to one of my Futurismic posts and thanked me for it personally.

Here’s the quote, because I’m a shameless son of a bitch:

(((Hey, thanks a lot, “Armchair Anarchist” at Futurismic. I’ve been predicting the advent of these spime-friendly gizmos for ages now.)))

Well, what do you know? Bruce Sterling reads my posts at Futurismic. That’s THE Bruce Sterling, by the way. OK, granted, if he scanned through the gadget blogs every day, he’d have found that piece too, but he doesn’t and I did, and he thanked ME for it. Yes, me.

ZOMFG!!!1!11one!111 BRUCE STERLING SAID THANK YOU TO ME!1111!11one1!!1

OK, fanboy mode deactivated. But I’m still really stoked. This is arguably the biggest ego-boost I’ve had from blogging yet, and damn me if I’m not going to revel in it.

I should at this point mention that there’ll be no serious post from me today, because I’ll have been judging the local ‘Battle of the Bands’ again, which means free alcohol and little sense from yours truly. So, little of serious import. But then, how can you demand ‘serious’ from a man who gets read by Bruce Sterling?

By the way, did I mention Bruce Sterling said ‘thank-you’ to me? Well, he did. Yes.

(For the geek readers, I’d just like to say that 3y3 15 73h 570k3zz0r3d!)

4 thoughts on “The ultimate endorsement”

  1. “For the geek readers…” You mean there’s another kind?

    Congrats on the Sterling comment. Me and Charlie went on a tear the night we got a Brain Parade contribution from Larry Niven which ended with Charlie mumbling incoherently in his chair clutching an empty bottle of whiskey.

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